Grace Awori Omalla


My name is Grace and with this blog I will tell you a little-bit about my self, my life, my family, and my work.

As a starter I am born of the Omalla Family and we stem from Chawolo village which is in Tororo District in Uganda. By the time I was born my father was a Pentecostal Pastor pioneering the Gulu Pastorate of PAG. My mum came from Western Kenya from a tribe called the Maragoli. I am the firstborn of seven children.

In January 1994 I got married to my husband Cor, a Dutchman who hired me some years before as the first matron for the organization he started in Namugongo. We got three children together and today, they have all found their life companions and we even have some grandchildren.

Presently I am co-leading Heart For Children, which is an organization we started together with my husband in 2006 as we left the previous organization behind. Through this organization we help orphans by means of education with the help of partners.

In 2014 I was tasked to help my father by taking over the leadership of the ICM bible school he started in Tororo.

Thanks for visiting me here and please do take the time to look around.

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